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E-KITAAB is just a basically startup working to give the benefit to the customers as well as publishers and shopkeepers too.

Our main idea is just to solve the problems like the people are rushing to the market just for small-small things related to the stationery, so why they have to rush to the market , they just order the items through this and get order placed in just one click.

For the people who are working in an organization as well as in the office frequently needs many books as well as other stationery items. In order to fulfill the need of customers we have to circulate a simple form according to the city.

What Market needs……

After the completion of the research part (Asking the parents, students, schools, organizations, offices) we are on the conclusion part that people wants the app like this in their daily life so to avoid the running to stationery shops.

It’s basically not a relationship between publishers or industrialists and customers. There is also we need many shopkeepers within us to gave profit them too so that many customers may interact with us.

Is There Any Relevant Product Too In the Market>.

There are many other apps available too, but we are unique in our way:-

1) The other apps charge more much money for the same thing you guys order on our app.

2) Along with it many apps take 15% as delivery charges on the order while ordering with us you not need to pay the delivery charge on the purchase of above 150/- INR.

3) Many apps give false claim that the product is trustworthy but on seeing it in real life it’s not more than a scam.

4) Our app also frequently giving you the coupen scratchers and Cashbacks too.

5) As the app is being launched in the pandemic so we have care for you too so we are also giving discounts scheme too.

6) As the app is launched by university’s students we can understand all’s problem.

Target Customers.

Our target customers are not fixed as anyone can have access to this app, as anyone needs stationery any time. In our app we include many books (related to all fields), story books, normal stationery (including pen, pencil, tape etc.).According to the survey many people wants many books which we are trying to access. Schools, offices, organizations gave support to us so that we can settle in the city.

We also need the support of shopkeepers too so that they can benefit their customers.

Practical Knowledge and Expertise Required.

The following aspects are needed to launch our startup:-

1) Research: The research is the most important part before launching any startup in the market. After doing the researches and circulating the form we are on this platform to conclude that market needs an idea like this as there are many other apps but providing the service like us is not exist. Many offices also needs as they have more work of stationery and have bundles of work due to which they have lack of time left.

2) Hardware Required: Basically, the only hardware required was only a good working PC and nothing else. On the other way, the user of our product may use PC, Smartphone, tablet, and any other thing of that type. Also we can excess it through the website’s domain as we also do work on it as far as possible.

3) Software Required: Before launching the app , there is a hardest milestone which we have to cover is that we have to implement the knowledge of various HLL like python, C++, Java also along with it we have a knowledge of HTML and CSS scripts too. We also required the Knowledge of App development through Android studio and also some hands on Firebase to input data’s in our websites and apps.

Also there is a need to have the knowledge of Google play store and app store and about their T&Cs. Moreover, we need to know how to buy the domain for our website.

Our Way of Working.

The working of our startup can be visualized below for a better understanding:

To maximize the profit to the customer we often purchased a bulk qty of books so that he gave us a more margin so that we can give more exciting discounts to customers as well as we have our cards on the shopkeepers shop so that they can directly place orders from their too.

So that by doing this the customer is happy as well as the shopkeeper is also happy as we buy in bulk so that we have a profit sharing with them. We also have income from the people who use data especially on our domains too. So by here we have our cost cutting.

Estimated Cost.

The cost of our startup is not very expensive. The estimated cost for all things is described below: -

1) For purchasing domain name: $160/year

2) For publishing app on Google Play Store: $30 (One Time Pay)

*All the other things, we were having with us so we didn’t need to buy/spend money on them.

*These are basically an assumption of the cost.

So the app doesn’t contain more cost so it’s easy for us to launch this app as soon as possible so that everyone can have great access to it.

Marketing Plan..

First of all the planning doesn’t work 100% as you plan it before. As nothing can happen before the time came. We are doing many surveys and plans but we can’t achieve those plans. We learnt that whatever our plan is, it need a good marketing strategy.

As due to this pandemic situation of COVID-19, many schools , colleges as well as other organizations and offices are extending the title of ‘work from home’ till 2021 . So the apps like this are much more needed and there are many cities in which the lockdown or red zones are till now too. So this pandemic is also a big task for us to handle so by which we can overcome through appointments and do zoom calls with the boss of the offices as well as principal of the schools and many more shopkeepers and publishers too. And the persons with which we cannot make appointment we mailed them and also did the same with the parents in our locality too and asked them too forward to their friends. By this initiative their parents also feels happy that due to this pandemic, that this pandemic can’t put any stone on their children‘s life and their life too. On asking the professionals like CA’s and authors who needs updated books time to time also gave the green flag for this app.

Risk Analysis..

Actually there is not a big risk in implementing on this idea as it was quite affordable for us. But we have the risk of the rural areas when we are going there to implement this as many of them do not find it beneficial.

Also the main risk is also with us as we are doing it for others benefit but we also have to miss our classes to for this to make. If this doesn’t successful, it disturbs us mentally also as we are not able to concentrate on our studies.

It’s very tough for us to manage both things side by side but we are also trying our best to handle it.

Milestone & Timeline.

We want to launch it in the entire India but for that we are trying to cover up the Delhi first. We have not fixed the timeline as we think if this idea didn’t work now, then we would try to implement it next year also and we think we would get success someday and so we would try it for our lifetime till we get success.

Let’s have a hope for our success.


So this will be the logo of our App and domain


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