3 min readNov 21, 2021


Hey Readers, presenting you a Machine Learning project — Real Estate Prediction and Management system. This system is open source and we appreciate one’s contribution. We divided our project into following two different parts i.e.

1) Prediction using ML algorithms

2) Real Estate Management System

Moving towards the first part, in the initial stage of this project we learnt ML data cleaning algorithms to clean the data of a particular city (Bangalore) where just by entering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to predict the price of that location in Bangalore. We use several libraries sklearn, pandas and matplotlib etc. For this prediction we have tested many of the regression models and found the linear regression as the best model among them.

After cleaning of data takes place, we convert the whole file into a pickle file to extract clean data through the python flask server made by us using Pycharm. The flask server will extract the data and give us the price of the selected location.

Now towards the second part, we developed a PHP based web application where one can become the user as well as apply for their real estate business. Since this pandemic there have been certain regulations and restrictions for going out anywhere, so safety becomes the priority. Your priority becomes our priority and we developed this web application so that you can have your work done with complete safety. You can view your location through the YouTube videos directed on the web page and also find your home without going through much hassle.

The web application provides user and admin certain different interfaces.

Following will be the provided services:

1) Admin: from the Admin portal, the admin must be first registered and should login through his/her credentials and then he/she has access to the modification for their users. They can list down their properties with proper information and the video of that property to have ease for the customer. Admins have rights to change all the themes as well as the page according to the customers’ liking.

2)Users: A safe and secure web application to search their dream home easily and request for quotations. They are also provided with the facility to give feedback to their agents without having to worry about their data being leaked. The user is provided with a user-friendly interface to search their future home easily.

The web application provides the subsequent to:

1) Sellers: We’re creating a seamless real estate transaction experience for today’s on-demand world by providing home sellers with the right information, technology, and services. Sellers can use the estimate of their home as a starting point to determine the profit potential of selling. The User can get in touch with our Real Estate Agents who are market experts capable of conducting a thorough market analysis and provide their input to increase the property value of the sellers.

2)Buyers: Through our Real estate Premier Agent curriculum, we connect buyers with trusted customer service-focused agents in their local markets. Real estate Prestigious Agents must maintain the customer experience standards in areas such as responsiveness, knowledge, and overall service quality.

3)Renters: They can use the web platform to search, request tours, apply for, and pay rent through Real estate Rentals. Renters can submit an application, and we will process their credit and background checks on their behalf, streamlining the registration process. The Real estate Rentals platform integrates with other property management back-end solutions, making it easier for landlords or property managers to list their properties.

This is an attempt to help users find the right homes at the right prices without having to go through much hassle and receiving the necessary information with just a few clicks..